Hello People,

My name is Petros Bantavis, I am from Larissa, Greece and I am a student at University of the Aegean in Shipping, Trade and Transport Department in Chios, Greece.

My professional interests are Finance, Shipping Finance, Investments, Risk Management, Business Benchmarking, Reporting, Arbitraging/Trading, Mergers/Acquisitions, Business Strategy, Macroeconomics and Politics, Sustainability, Statistics and Data Analysis.

Furthermore, I really enjoy playing the Guitar, listening to the Music and Cycling. I have an interest in various Music Genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk, Gypsy Jazz. As I mentioned above, I have an interest in Cycling which created a passion for Triathlon. Even if I have never run one, I wish that in the near future I’ll be in the desired fitness in order to run one to my standards !

I wrote the aforementioned, in order to relate them with the reason of the existence of this blog.

This blog is all about posting and sharing all the “weird”, “interesting”, “funny”, “attention worthy”, “fancy” things that I am interested in or have a passion about. Hence, you can see from a funny picture to the disagreement of the countries of the EU about fiscal policy.

Before taking hasty conclusions, taking into consideration the following excerpt “Homo Economicus, refuse to prefer only “useful” things but on the other hand one can smoke, lose money on gambling, read poetry, watch porno, drink whisky according to puritan Irving Fisher. The Things and Actions that can satisfy one, do not mean that are necessarily “useful” for one’s being. (G.Varoufakis, Game Theory, The ambition of Integrating Social Sciences,  2007)


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