Success Is An Equation

January 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Success Is An Equation

There is no formula for success. Meaning there is no specific quantity of ingredients that, if you mix them together, will make you successful. However, there is an equation for success.

Talent + Effort + Luck or Opportunity = Success

Winning the lottery, for example, takes all luck, no talent and minimal effort.  The success, if you define success as making money, is real. The money has the same buying power as someone who worked hard for it, but the lottery didn’t require much talent or effort and, as a result, is hard to repeat.

There are ball players, for example, who are born with remarkable talent who, with some effort, make it to the big leagues. There are also plenty of players who may not have as much talent but have a remarkable work ethic, put in a remarkable amount of effort and also make it to the big leagues.  One is not more effective than the other, it is just a different balance of the equation. Both probably require some element of luck, however.

Talent is something you’re born with. Effort is something you apply. And luck is well…just luck. But all three matter for success.

Understanding this equation allows us to rely on our talents in some cases, put in a little extra effort in others and always appreciate the luck that helps along the way.



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